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36 YEARS OF FUN 1977 -2013
"Professor" Brian Llewellyn and his famous Punch & Judy Show.
As I have already mentioned I grew up with Mr Punch and I used to help my father with his show as a child but I branched out with my own show in 1977 for the Silver Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II.
In 2007 we celebrated 30 years together now it is in year 36 and we are still going strong performing shows for the children of the children we had done shows for in the past.
I had done a couple of practice shows for friends to start with but the first official show was performed at Middridge village hall, nr Shildon Co. Durham on 7th June 1977 then moving on to do street parties around Newton Aycliffe. Were you there? Did you see the show? What are you doing now? Have you any photos? Dad was still performing and we worked together at a few events which is quite unique. He retired from doing Punch & Judy when I went professional and took up the show full time in 1988.
We are still looking for photos and/or memories of either Mr Punch, me or my father in the early years.
If anyone has a story to tell or any old pictures we would love to include them on this site.
Article by Mike Amos
(John North Gadfly)
Northern Echo
8th Feb 2007
Early in 2007 we put out a press release and got some fantastic free advertising. I even wrote to the Queen. Click around the links to read all about it.
Dad and I with our 2 Mr Punch's 1977
Letter from The Queen
Article in
The Evening Gazzette
13th Feb 2007
Managed to get on the tele on Thursday 15th Feb 2007.
Andy Kluz from Tyne Tees TV and a camera man came at 11.30 am and did an interview at home then they followed me to Dodmire School in Darlington and filmed part of my show. It was shown on the 6 o’clock news and I tried to download the program to put onto the site but couldn’t manage it. I have it on tape so as soon as I can transfer it I will put the edited highlights on here.
Article in
The Herald and Post
15th Feb 2007
In 2012 we celebrated Mr Punch's 350th birthday and our 35th year with shows and a party in our home town.