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Queen 1 of 2
It's TRUE........! The Queen DID come for tea!
 I was only 6 years old (short pants and curly hair) see the next page. If you ever call at mamís for tea you might get the Queens cup the one with the gold band. In 2012 were on BBC Look North with the cup.
Back in 1960 during a visit to Newton Aycliffe the Royal party wanted to call on a normal (us normal?) family and see a modern council house so we were chosen at
13 Barrington Road.
The Queen had tea and cake and Prince Phillip talked to dad about his puppets in the back shed. They stayed for over 20 minutes and were late for their next appointment to open the new council offices.
The photos are mainly old press shots and this is the only colour photo we have, taken by the next door neighbour with the Brownie camera
In this photo you will see the only time a commoner walks in front of the Queen. Because she was entering our house, Mam was told to enter first in front of Her Majesty.