~ Llewellyn for Fun ~
DAD 1 OF 5
29th March 1924
11th October 2007
William Llewellyn (Billy)
My father, known to everyone as Billy, has left us.
As we tell the grandkids;-
 "He has gone Heaven to make the Angels laugh"
He was the original Punch and Judy man and I have dedicated these pages to him as he was such an influence on my life.
He was a real comedian in every sense of the word.
He loved life and a good laugh, he led a full and interesting, happy life so for his funeral we gave him a right good send off and he would have loved it.
Mam insisted it should be a celebration of his life and said she wanted a party. So thats what we did.
(We had to draw the line at putting balloons on the coffin)
I followed the hearse in my Punch and Judy van, flags flying.
At the crematorium it was a full house, family, friends, politicians, masons and magicians all turned up.
It was one of his best crowds!
I said a few words about Dad with his Mr Punch on a stand beside me and the best way I could describe him was
“the man who created happy memories”.
Everyone who ever met him will tell you a funny tale about him.
We played Gavioli organ circus music to bring dad in then we sang “for he’s a jolly good fellow” with music from the organ at Blackpool tower “I do like to be beside the seaside” to close (all parts of the puppet show).
Then off to a club for a big bun fight with family and friends all talking about dad and laughing at the things he used to say and get up to.